August 31, 2015


Dear Friends,

We hope that this letter finds you and your families well. We are looking forward to spending the High Holidays with you and we pray that this year will be a healthy and prosperous year in all matters, spiritual and physical for all of you and all Am Yisrael.

This year has been a both challenging year and a momentous one. Our community survived a sudden displacement from our previous location but managed to thrive and grow in our new location. Each week brings new people, young and old, wishing to take part and experience the warmth of our kehilla and our beautiful services. We want to thank all of you for your support and help throughout the past year. You made it all possible.

As Rosh Hashana is quickly approaching it is essential that you reserve your High Holiday seats as soon as possible. There are some changes this year and we thank you for your cooperation.

This year we will be starting our first annual membership. We have been reluctant in the past to have a membership. We welcome all Jews to our synagogue regardless of what they give. The reality of our financial situation and growing expenses, however, requires us to have a steady income to pay our bills. The shul can simply not continue unless we collect membership.

We want to continue and expand on all that we are doing. Our shul provides daily minyanim, daily kollel, Shabbat services and Kiddushim, classes for men and women, charity for the needy, after-school programs for children, Bar Mitzva lessons, special events and shabbatonim, outreach programs for college students, marriage classes, Avot U’Banim, Chazzanut classes, and more. Your membership can make this possible.

Please speak to Rabbi Yishai, Ari, or Rabbi Cavalier if you have any questions.

Membership Details

  • Families – $1,540 per family. Includes 2 seats for High Holidays.
  • Newly-Married Couples (within first year of marriage) – $1,000 per couple. Includes 2 seats for High Holidays.
  • Singles – $800. Includes 1 seat for High Holidays.
  • Non-Members – $500 a seat for both RH & YK or $260 for one of them.

*Benefits of Membership: Each additional High Holiday seat is only $100. You may use our facilities (when available) for birthdays, events, etc. at no cost. . Each member will be able to get nominated and vote for all board positions Discount on sponsoring kiddushim. Supporting your community and doing a mitzvah!

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